Wheat Straw

Wheat Straw works extremely well at prevented weeds. It is most commonly used in vegetable gardens. Provides great erosion control. Priced a little higher than pine straw, but is a better weed preventer due to its dense nature and application in “books”. Wheat Straw is perfect to use in:  commercial beautifications, city projects, reclamation of soil, grass seed planting, and  flower beds.

Q: How much Wheat Straw do I use?
A: Wheat straw is applyed in two ways: through peeling off books and laying down or fluffling each book out so it can go further. Lay 2″ thick.

Q: Why is wheat straw superior to other mulches?
A: The best erosion control on the market. It’s a nice color, and it will eventually break down, providing extra organic matter for the soil.

Prices fluctuate so call us for current pricing!