Fill Dirt

The Ground Floor red or brown fill dirt is used to fill a hole or depression, or to build-up a low lying area. Fill dirt can provide a lasting solution to level an area whereas filling an area with organic matter (leaves, topsoil, etc.) will not. As organic matter decomposes the area will collapse and the depression will return. Fill dirt is usually subsoil and contains little organic matter. In Alabama it consists mostly of clay. our fill dirt is obtained from excavation done on construction sites.

Q. What are the uses for fill dirt?
A. Fill dirt should be used as an inexpensive manner to level an area prior to paving or to serve as a substrate which can be topped with topsoil.
Q. How do I use fill dirt?
A. Areas using fill dirt should be thoroughly soaked with water to pack the dirt so that a true evaluation may be made as to the true level of the fill.

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